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1949 Spartan Manor - 25'
$3,000.00 - SOLD
Trailer is is pretty good condition inside and out. Some shallow dents up on the passenger side top corner of the front of the trailer. The aluminum rub rail on the drivers side is crumpled (about 2 ft. worth). A couple of small dings on it also. Mostly in very good condition outside. The inside is all original. Original stove, refrigerator and even the two small lamp shades in the front part of the trailer. Some damage from water leaking in around the broken back window, but overall, the inside is in very good condition and very restoreable. Remember, these 25' Manors don't have a bathroom. Just a kitchen sink and a small little sink and vanity area in the bedroom. The doors lock and there is a door key.Have clear CA title.
Location: near Bakersfield, CA