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On this site, learn how famed oil tycoon, J. Paul Getty, turned a small aircraft company into a luxury trailer manufacturing enterprise. View a photo database of various model Spartan trailers categorized by year. See beautiful Spartan trailer interior shots. Review resources on Spartan trailercoach documentation. Read and enter in on Facebook discussions related to this subject. Link to other sites with vintage trailer related material. Find restoration tips and resources. 
As one of this site’s main resources,  the  site has the largest database of, for sale, and sold Spartan Aircraft trailers. This site, is one of the best sources for researching and purchasing a vintage Spartan trailer. Newly added, unique Spartan Trailer merchandise can be purchased from this site.
As an owner of a Spartan and enthusiast of Spartan trailercoaches I have created this site so that everyone can share this resource. If you have any information on this subject which you would like to contribute or if you would like to repost information from this site, please contact me.
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