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1951 36' Spartan Imperial Mansion - SOLD
PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. I cannot take more photos since I am in Santa Cruz and the trailer is 2 hours plus away. I want to sell this trailer within the next 2 weeks. If it does not sell, I will be giving it to my brother to put on his property for use as a moveable storage container. So if you want one of these babies, then step up to the plate. The body is in remarkably good condition. I did not notice any soft spots in the floor but I cannot guarantee there are none. The interior is mostly complete with the kitchen area being the only exception. The stove is missing, the 110 volt Frigidair refer is there (do not know if this works). This is the big one, with 2 bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a whole lot of room. The masonite bellypan is still intact and in pretty good shape. There is one window broken next to the forward door between the door and the front window. This trailer will still need some work and it will clean up very nicely.
Location: an hour north of Sacramento, California