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1951 Spartan 35ft Royal Spartanette - $12,000 - negotiable - SOLD
90 % original. Items not original: hot water heater, carpet, breaker box, tires and rims are also new (but I do still have the original rims), window unit added in front window over sofa (orignal window kept in storage box under bed). Flush valve for toilet changed, also has 2 dents on exterior shell. everything else in excellent condition all original appliances are in excellent working condition; stove, fridge, heater, stove range, shower exaust, and shower. All furniture original only missing seat for dining table (has original table,sofa,and bed) all light fixtures work (bulb over bedroom vanity burnt.). Under 200 miles traveling on camper, also garage kept till 1983. Was purchased from original owner.
Location: South Louisiana