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1953 Royal Spartanette, 35 ft.
Condition: Owned by same family since new. Has been under cover since 1960. Towed less than 500 miles since purchased. Completely original undamaged birchwood interior (stove and refrigerator not original) with some minor water stains under front windows and around heating stove chimney. Original fixtures, knobs, handles, mirrors, etc. Layout has sideways double bed in back, bunk beds in center. Original full bath with tub/shower, toilet and sink. Exterior is completely original and damage free, except for a minor ding on left rear panel. Even has original tires! (in need of change, obviously...) Now, for some negatives: The tongue is completely shot. It was not covered and was exposed to the elements. It is rusted through in many places and will need to be replaced on site. We will not sell it to be towed "as is." The roof has significant exterior corrosion. Although it was covered for 43 years, the shed allowed dew to accumulate on the exterior trailer roof and this was not burned off by the sun each day. The result is significant white powdery corrosion across most of the covered roof section. Limited visual inspection does not show any holes, but shed prevents a thorough inspection. Roof coating as soon as it is removed from the shed will probably be required. The shed will require at least partial disassembly in order to remove trailer. The attached painted cypress wood cabana, approx. 20 ft. X 10 ft., was designed to be disassembled and moved. Aluminum panel roof. Yours, too, if you want it.
Location: Palm Harbor, Florida (Near Tampa)
Contact: Pat Murnaghan 561-795-2201 days
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