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1955 Executive Mansion- $2,500



1955 Spartan Executive Mansion. Unusual 8 x 50' Model ready for restoration. Four new solid rims with new trailer tires have been mounted in wheel bearings have been packed and tightened. Transport to Florida was too complicated and potentially expensive. Most if not all of the major pieces are there except for the broken windows as noted. These windows have been patched with reinforced corrugated paneling for travel from its current location in New Mexico. Wiring to brake lights and electric brakes has been reconnected and will need a plug-in for towing. There is one roof dent and small flooring defect as noted but the majority of the fixtures and cabinetry are in place. Additionally there are some rather unusual window treatments throughout that are certainly a matter of taste. Original title is with the trailer and price is $2500.

location:  New Mexico

contact: SOLD

Date ad posted 1/8//16



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