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1946 Manor - $5400 - SOLD


info: This trailer has a sound body and frame. There is a dent in the top right front and it appears that the propane tanks were pushed into the front panel. Most likely there is a bullet hole in the right rear, there is an entrance penetration and then about a foot away a bulge created from the interior ricochet. A good chance the bullet is still in the interior wall. So if you want to "BOOST YOUR STREET CRED", restore it as a RAT RIG, or just leave the bullet hole in place and claim that you were once a British Spy, you will have the 00 License to do so with this unit. Its serial # is One, Double 0 Six. (25-46-1006) The interior walls were painted at some point and the interior is in poor condition and desperately need restoring which is typical for a 68 year old trailer that has been used for a farm storage trailer for over 50 years and has not been moved since the early 1960's until Sept. 2014. The wheels were dug out of the ground, sandblasted, repainted and had tubes and a set of 10 ply tires installed. The axle bearings were removed, cleaned and repacked. The trailer was towed 40 miles and given an acid wash and then moved to its present location. The front windows need replacing, and a side window is broken. The original stove, toilet, sinks, fender skirts, bed frame, screen doors, porch light and door handles are with this trailer, the door handles are not in the doors and their trim is broken. Don't let this get away, check the archive sold list of, of the 199 sold only 3 were 1946's. The last 1946 sold on Ebay was in Nov 2013 and sold with the interior gutted for $6,001. Located in Pilot Mountain, NC call Jim 336 692-3848


location:  Pilot   Mountain, NC

contact: SOLD

Date ad posted10/10/14



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