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1955 Spartan Manor - $3,000



This is a vintage classic home. 256 sq ft. I believe this has some value to someone to restore. It is being sold in an "as is" condition. If you Google Spartan trailer on YouTube you will find numerous videos of some guy who has restored many of them.


I do not have a title for this mobile home so I am disclosing this. I am asking $3,000. It needs to be taken off the lot and taken to the owner's location.

It is a 1955 Spartan Manor, built by the Spartan Aircraft company. Do the research. Spartan Aircraft Co.has an amazing history. The company was owned by John Paul Getty.



location:  This home is located in Carteret, NJ and must be moved

contact: Maria Dolan -

Date ad posted 3/141/14



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