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1952 Royal Spartanette- $3000


info: 32' trailer, 95 % original interior, light scones, Dixie stove (with parts), Frigidaire refrigerator intact, handle is not broke, clean inside still has shelves, freezer door and one drawer, kitchen booth, all drawers with hardware, all cabinet doors, cabinet hardware, privacy door intact and functional, has one bedroom end table, mirrors, Coleman kerosene heater, Payne hot water heater, breaker box intact, wall heater in bathroom with grate cover, original tail lights, running lights.. (missing pig tail), bathroom intact.. toilet replaced several years ago.  Previous owner had it moved on a flatbed and the back end is pushed in from being strapped down... dented across the top of rear of trailer.  We installed new tires, wheels and greased the bearings.  Pulls fine.  The "observation lounge" had a window unit installed, the window is still intact, there are two side window panes broke, the storage area under the front window had water damaged. Floor is solid except around the door frame. 
Condition: original
location: Southeast of Houston


Date ad posted 6/11/13



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