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1950 Spartan Royal Mansion- $18,000

Info: 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion, 34RYLMN, 38502778 [slanted window version], 34 feet long, polished, some beauty marks, original wood [with updates and repairs], faux finish on original floor, custom seating convert-to-sleeping area, new cushions, original dinette eating/sleeping area with reupolstered fixtures, all aluminum undercover, new hitch and anti-say bars, new stove and refeer, new 30 amp electrical service with some GFI plugs and original wiring.

Aircraft grade aluminum makes it ver light [under 6000 lbs], it pulls like a dream. It always gets attention. We have enjoyed it on the beach and in the woods of Eastern Washington.

It would be a fun guest house too, just plug it in, and attach water and sewer.

location: Washington State

contact: Mark at 509 941 8000;

Date ad posted 5/14/2010
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