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1956 Spartan Royal Mansion Aluminum Trailer - $5000

Info: (a bit like Airstreams but more spacious by design) The registration was renewed at end of December. The title is clear. For those of you that are Spartan fans, you already know how special these trailers are. They’re the Rolls Royces of trailers…manufactured by J. Getty’s Spartan Aircraft factory. This is a classic 1956 Spartan trailer. The exterior is in good shape & interior needs work. Extra large size 8' x 38' …ALL Aluminum. 2 entryways (same side, 1 to living room & 1 to bedroom) oversize windows everywhere 1 bedroom 1 hallway with huge closet 1 bathroom kitchen with sink, counter & overhead cabinet (no appliances) dining/living room built-in birch wood closets and drawers I’m selling the Spartan in exactly the same condition as it was when I bought it. Before me it had only one original owner who was from Arroyo Grande, California. I bought the title from his estate when I rescued it from a storage yard. It had been there forever and looks to have been used for shelter by trespassers. Abandoned clutter was cleared out but it has not been cleaned up as much as it deserves to be. The interior is in rough shape and dirty but is a great start for renovation. I guess it would get a score of 4 out of 10 for interior appearance/condition. This would be my to do list if I had the skills to bring the ‘ol girl back to life: The beautifully golden glowing honey-colored birch wood panels should be refinished. The ones that are warped would need to be replaced. They’ll be glorious! The floors are good but need new carpet/covering. A few windows toward the rear have been boarded & need weather strips/windows. An AC unit in ceiling should be removed and ceiling has been half pulled-apart by someone. Update bathroom and kitchen with some appliances and cleaning/painting. It will look fantastic once it is washed and polished. The trailer has not had access to hook ups for regular electricity or plumbing so these systems are in unknown condition. (These Spartans do not use holding tanks/they have direct hook-up). Towed like a dream while relocating it 1 year ago. But it has original “split style rims” with worn-out tires. Transport requires you borrow, rent, or buy rims/tires. Taillights worked but I used removable external tow lights to be extra safe during transport. Restoring this trailer to look like new is not a job for the faint-hearted. She's a fixer-upper. Although she needs TLC you will fall in love with her many beautiful features. For example, the interior doors to bedroom and to bath are “pocket’ doors. This means they glide back between the birch walls rather than swing into the walkway. A Spartan trailer shows off a classic curved broad-view windshield…a real eye-catcher. This window sets her apart from other aluminum trailers. Only Spartans look this cool. Entry doors have classy latch handles that smoothly click shut (no door “knobs”). Other trailers often have sharp edges and awkward proportions. All styling on a Spartan is curved, sleek, and aerodynamic from the inside out. She sports a timeless design that is both contemporary and nostalgic. Seeing a Spartan trailer today puts one in awe of American manufacturing in the 40’s and 50’s. Spartans prove that Getty’s company demanded the best craftsmanship and lots of ingenuity. They would be priced sky-high if made by today’s manufacturers and they were priced for the elite even way back then! I'd like to see her go to someone that has the tools and know-how to give her a new life. For those of you that are not familiar with the brand… Do some homework on Spartans and buy this special trailer for yourself. To see a restored version of this model (1957 Royal Manor $19600) click on this link: To see Birchwood Beauties click here:


Date ad posted 4/19/2010
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