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1953 Spartanette - $4,700

Info: condition: good/very good. This is a 1953 Spartanette Tandem 131. These were only made in the last half of 1953, which was the last year for all Spartanettes, and by production numbers, are the rarest of all Spartanette models built over the years. It has a unique floor plan with an excellent layout. I learned from a fellow enthusiast that, based on my serial no., this Spartanette has aluminum wall and ceiling studs. I bought this with serious intentions to live in it, and then ended up buying a condo. I seriously wish I was living in it instead of my condo! If I had some land it would most definitely be my getaway retreat.The wood is in great condition, it even has a bathtub! My favorite part is the very cool corner table that extends out to be pretty decent size (could sit four or five people pretty cozy). I have many more pictures to show details.
location: South Berwick, ME

contact: sold

Date ad posted 12/04/09
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