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1955 Executive Mansion - $3500

Info: 8 x 50 Spartan 1955 trailer. Model Executive Mansion. Spartan was the top of the line manufacturer of trailers from 1946 through 1960. Fifty feet was the longest Spartan manufactured. $3,500 is a low price for a Spartan. To compare prices of Spartans see and in other states using the search term “Spartan.” combines classified ads and auctions nationwide. Search for “Spartan” on One small bedroom on each end. One bathroom in the middle. My Spartan is in good condition. I paid a handyman to remove the rotted wood skirtingthat was attached to it. You won't have to pay to remove the skirting asit no longer has any. You also won't need to pay to unblock it. I paid a handyman to have mastic applied to the roof to water proof theroof. Paneling, cabinets and ceiling are in very good condition. Many trailers have ceilings with water damage. Mine has a very small amount of water damage in one small area in the rear bedroom and in the livingroom that occurred decades ago. New curtains and curtain rods. I installed two motion sensors onexterior and a door bell. I replaced the front door stopper. I replacedplumbing with expensive plastic plumbing that is less likely to freezein freezing weather, replaced wiring, replaced electric box, installedgrounded outlets, custom storm windows, sanded cabinets and doors,replaced stove. I purchased an electric stove and an electric washer anddryer. I replaced the water heater with a 20 gallon electric waterheater. I paid to reporcelain the bathroom sink. I replaced the woodhandles on the cabinets. Sanded the doors and cabinets. I replaced thekitchen sink faucet, bathtub faucet, bathtub shower head, bathroom sinkfaucet and ceiling light fixtures. I replaced the toilet. Since 2000, I paid to store my Spartan. The storage company did not disclose that several years ago the trailers on their property were broken into and robbed. Thieves broke the rear door handle and the glass to the rear door window. Many of my possessions inside were stolen.Three other windows were broken. I replaced the broken windows. The wood subflooring is firm and solid except next to the bathtub. The prior owner replaced the linoleum in the bathroom but did not replacethe soft flooring near the bathtub. The front axle has brakes but not the rear axle. The brakes and lightsneed to be rewired. The weight of the Spartan on the title is 8,000 pounds. This means when empty. My antique furniture is inside and is forsale. My price of $3,500 is firm. Cash or a cashier's check. The onlyinstallment contract I would execute would provide that the title remainin my name and the trailer remain in storage until the buyer pays forthe trailer in full and the monthly storage fee of $45. My Spartan isstored at 10415 Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately two blocks west of the 98 Street exit of I-40 in Albuquerque.
location: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Date ad posted 11/12/09
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