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1958 Imperial Villa 41' x 10' Price: $12,000, obo

Info: This is a 1958 Spartan Imperial Villa, in amazing condition! We are located about 2 miles from the Lake (Lake Isabella)Trailer is 10 feet wide, and 41 feet in length. Would make a wonderful guest house, or extra room. Exterior is very clean, with only a couple of small blemishes. Roof is original, curved, and does not appear to have ever leaked. Ceiling wood throughout the trailer is unstained and beautiful. Most of the wood (95% approx.) is in beautiful condition. Interior wood is all original. Still has the original turquoise Dixie cook stove, and original turquoise G.E. refrigerator, which both work great! Original Doorbell also works great. Has the original pink bathtub, and pink sink in the bathroom vanity. Bathroom is original also, with the original formica type wall board, in combination with the varnished birchwood. All of the original light fixtures are also still in great working condition! The only change that was made in this trailer, is the new linoleum on the floor (it is a close vintage style, neutral color) and a small amount of new carpeting in the living room area, and then the same color carpeting in the back bedroom. The only damage on the inside of the trailer, is some water stains under the windows, in the back bedroom. Most of the windows in the trailer open and shut just fine, however a couple will need some work, because they won't crank in and out. There is a crack in one window in the back bedroom. Floor is all very solid. Has the original glass fronted cabinets in the kitchen. Has the original forced air heater (has floor ducts in every room) which works great. Has no air conditioner, as these units did not come out with air conditioners, however, one could easily be installed over the roof vent, in the living room. Just a time capsule really, an amazing original 1958 Spartan. Not very many in the USA in this great condition! Has 3 axles, and six wheels. All six wheels (bearings) were cleaned, and re-packed about 2 years ago, so they are good to go. Please call 661-304-4838 if you would like to come and see this trailer. Make us an offer! Thanks for your interest.
location: 40 miles east of Bakersfield, California
Date ad posted 12/28/08
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