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1960 Executive Villa - $10,500

Info: Engineered and built by the Spartan Aircraft Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is one of the final units built and is a rare 10 wide. Has all aluminum (skin, studs, and roof joists) riveted construction. Designed with 3 axles for easy and balanced towing. Has electric brakes on all 6 wheels. About 10,000 lbs. GVW. Has oak and birch interior with many beautiful cabinets and closets. Rear master bedroom; bathtub and commode separated from vanity; side bedroom; kitchen and dining area; large front living area. The living room has the lovely 9 panel windows normally found on the back of the Spartan Crescendo. Unoccupied since 1976. Truly, this master-designed Spartan is the "Cadillac" of Vintage Mobile Homes. Enjoy the scenic farm equipment where it has been stored!
location: West of Chicago, Illinois
contact: 305-274-3343 Paul Johnson
Date ad posted 9/12/08
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