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1950 Mansion - $3000
Info: What we have is a 1950(?) Spartan Royal Mansion trailer bearing serial number 33-50-2136. The trailer is about 95% complete and is ready for restoration. This trailer was on a piece of property we purchased and was actually lived inin the late 80's. There are a couple of dents on the outside aluminum sidingbut the rest of the trailer is in good shape. Three of the tires look good, onetire has obvious sun damage and needs to be replaced. The front landing tires will hold air but not for any significant time. Both roof vents have broken arms and have to be wired shut. The refridgerator and oven were working duringthe time period it was occupied but have not been used. The trailer has a cleantitle and we are motivated to sell.
location: Big Pine, CA
Date ad posted 5/05/08
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