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1951 Mansion - $4500
Info: . 35 feet overall length. 85% restored, minimal interior work needed. Removed old carpeting, replaced almost all of the birch plywood panels, new subfloor and new rear window. Art Deco interior includes new tin ceiling and new tin kitchen backsplash, painted kitchen cabinets, new tile floor and tile top to dresser. The spacious bathroom has a full sized sink which needs to be connected, and a full sized toilet. The original gas furnace was reconditioned and works fine. There is a recent apartment sized refrigerator and a retro microwave on top. The original gas four burner stove works fine, but the oven needs work. Original wind up auto windows in bedroom. A vintage masterpiece in the works, a MUST SEE. My new wife has a vintage Airstream, so we are selling the Spartan.
location: Convenient New England location in central Connecticut
contact: Tom at 860-267-4578 or email
Date ad posted 5/05/08
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