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1958 Spartan Imperial Villa - $17,500
Info: Excellent Condition, 1 Bedroom/1Bath very roomy, 10X45, clean title, licensed as an RV in Idaho , superb maintenance , occupied part time since new, original owners thru 2006, always covered and winterized, interstate MH mover available in the area. She will polish to a brilliant aircraft aluminum shine. Well, ……Where do I start and Where might YOU begin??? You will love the looks of this Grand Old Lady made by J.P. Getty's Company in 1958. This lady is a turn key home, guest house, fishing place on the river, hide-a-way in the woods or place for Grandma and Grandpa on your back 40. This wonderful old treasure is perfect for a variety of lifestyles. We were so excited when we found her sitting proudly in front of Jeb and Margaret's RV park on the shores of Lake Pend Orielle about 40 miles from our own home in Idaho. We had looked for years for a vintage classic and here she was in our own back yard. She had weathered her Senior Years with dignity and class. An elderly couple from Arizona had made their second home in Idaho for years and lived in the Grand Old Lady from April to November . When they left each year, she was winterized and covered. Her maintenance by Art was superb. Her interior radiated the care of Florence, a loving homemaker, and the original birch interior and unbelievable number of storage cupboards throughout shined with care. This Imperial Villa's 10x45 skin is beautiful and we are told by neighbors that it held a brilliant shine for many years, the original windows are bright clear and sparkling and the vent windows above keep the temperature easily regulated. The ceiling level storage cupboards were the latest design craze of the 50's. The six tires are original but made the several mile trip from park to storage without incident by the mover. Her aluminum shutters are in place and although the door handles have been replaced, the originals are still in a drawer inside. You will notice the padded vinyl backsplash next to the stove, bullet lights, plastic amber room divider, orange shag carpet, spattered black tub enclosure, sit down bathroom vanity, pink bathroom fixtures and gold metal wall accents which are all original. Traditional furnishings included are two hideabeds, two recliners, dining room table and chairs, kitchen contents and even tacky plastic flowers which are all in good shape. The bedroom holds a queen size bed which had been removed prior to our purchase. Pots, pans, dishes, silverware, micro wave, and on and on and on are on board. You might want to keep the interior traditional with her original décor OR this "with it" Grand Old Lady screamed to me that she would love to be hip and modern and fun…she actually whispered IKEA is the place for a new update for me! This was the perfect self contained cabin for the property we had in escrow when we saw her and fell in love last spring. A large deck with awning (hers had been removed) would finish the amenities as she even came with a portable fuel tank. Just plug her in, hook her up, pull out the lawn chairs and wait for the fish to bite. The sad end of this tale is that the property we were purchasing was suddenly taken off the market and we have been unable to find another spot for our favorite lady. We had her professionally moved to a storage yard just to keep her safe. She wants to be lived in again and it is time to let her go. This 1958 Classic Imperial Villa will sell "as is/ where is" and will continue to age like a fine wine under your care. She is located in Sandpoint, Idaho and is ready to pull. The best way to view her is to get your printer to give you a hand. The fourteen photos (worth a 140,000 words) fit easily two to a page or just stare at them online, The two of us and the grandkids standing by the front door are not included (but remember two oscillating shine em up polishers ARE included) . Please call our home (208) 267-7407 (PST) to ask questions or leave a message. If you love frequent flyer miles, we can even process your Visa to make your life a little easier.
location: Sandpoint, Idaho
contact: (208) 267 7407
Date ad posted 4/24/08
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