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1946 Spartan Manor - Best price over $1000 But will consider ALL offers
Info:. This is an original (unmodified), trailer. The current owner(second), last trailered this about 1966. It is in fair condition and needs restoring. It's spent the last 40 years as a lawn shed. The two roof vents contributed to some water damage over the years, but that's the worst of it. The external body has only a small dent. The interior is weather-worn, but repairable. The heater, stove, fridge, original bed and couch are gone. Everything else is still in it, including a folding-leaf table. The electrical system is intact, only the rear lights need lenses. This trailer has been on blocks, so, with replacement wheels and a hub greasing, this could be ready to go. Included are a class III hitch, tow mirrors, and the latest NY reg from 1966. We have a vin# . I have over 40 pix you may request via email only. The buyer will be responsible for removing/shipping the trailer.
location: Staten Island NY
Date ad posted 11/5/07
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