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1955 Spartan Mansion: $11,000
This 55 Spartan is on sale this week on ebay. (Type in "1955 Spartan" to bring it up).
Info: 1955 Spartan Mansion, 31 ft. SELF-CONTAINED aircraft riveted trailer. This is a very rare vintage Spartan, because of the holding tanks. It appears that this trailer was a special order, which included holding tanks. EXTERIOR of trailer is clean, with very few dings, the one that shows is along the bottom edge, about 18" long on the back of the trailer, below the license plate. I will send pictures if you send me your email address. Has the original TV antenna! Plumbing all works great, electric works great (also came out with 12-volt system, also works, but you will need to buy a new battery), Original MARVEL refrigerator works great! Panelray heater works fine, original small cook stove works fine. Has bathroom with tub, and small toilet, all work. Has original 8 drawer built in dresser in the back bedroom. Has had a foundation built for a full size mattress (not included). Front plexiglas windows are in nice condition. INTERIOR WOOD: Interior wood is in fair - to good - condition. Around 2-3 windows, there has been some leaks in the past, which especially caused the back window to have some water damage below it. Also, one of the large closet doors has some veneer peeling off. Other than that, the wood is pretty nice.
location: 35 miles east of Bakersfield
Date ad posted 3/20/07
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