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1954 Mansion: $8,200.00
Info: 1954 Spartan Mansion, aprrox 31 ft total. This trailer is in Beautiful condition inside. Inside wood is about 95% great condition. The outside is pretty clean also, except for the old aluminum colored paint on it. About 25% of it is peeling off, but that would have to be buffed off. Also, there is a tar like coating on the roof. See picture of one corner. Other than those two negative things, the exterior is in fairly clean condition, (a few small shallow type dings, maybe 4-5, which don't show up much.) The inside is remarkable, with the original pull out dinette table, and the two leaves, in wonderful condition. All cabinets / drawers in great condition. Original tile floor is fairly good condition, but the back bedroom has some damages where the bed posts have rubbed holes in the tiles. Original bathroom in great condition, toilet, and all plumbing works great! Electric in trailer works great. Propane (Panelray heater, cook stove haven't been tested yet)....Front plexiglas windows are in very good condition, as well as all the windows. Original black CA license plate. NEW tires, rims sand blasted & painted, ect.... Registration paid up until June, 2007. Email me for more information Price, $8,200.00 ...THIS TRAILER IS ON EBAY THIS WEEK...IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE PICTURES...TYPE IN "VINTAGE SPARTAN" IN THE MAIN PAGE, (of Ebay).... starting price on ebay is $7,000.00 for this week only. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!
location: 35 miles east of Bakersfield
Date ad posted 3/6/07
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