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1949 30 foot spartan mansion trailer SN 30-49-889 T - $3500.00

info: Exterior - Very strait condition... minor dings and dents.. slight damage to LH rear only on rub strips, ( see picture) All doors and windows work properly with the exception of the fwd door handle broken but operational. LH rear crank window off track...rear window glass is broken... Wheels are split rims and tires show very liitle signs of cracking... believed to be very road worthy..brakes are unknown working condition... Exterior painted pink and blue, single coat which removes easily. Trailer was painted this color with the told history being that it was a nurses trailer durring the Korean war used for blood drives and is the trailer that the nurses stayed in. Roof has had leaks and is reflected in the interior pictures. The leaks have ruined a few of the interior wood panels. The floor panels are solid throughout. The kitchen cabinets are in good condition. All appliances are intact but unknown if fully operational. The bathroom is in very good condition with little signs of wear. Stainless water holding tank still has a precharge.
location: Ephrata, Pennsylvania. 15 miles northeast of Landcaster
Date ad posted: 5/26/05
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