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1958 Spartan Imperial Villa 10' X 45'
info:This is a beautiful hard to find Spartan. We feel that there are very few 1958 Spartan Imperial Villas out there, and have only found three. See the one at This measures, 45 feet from tongue to rear bumper, 43 feet front to back, and is 10 feet wide. The title states 41’. Now about our gem…She has a blemish free skin except for a dime-sized hole on the front which is sealed. She has the original birch wood throughout except for a wall in the living area with a very nice darker wood. (Could be easily veneered to match.) She has newer double gas oven and stovetop in great condition but not original, and no fridge. Kitchen cabinets need to be refinished. Original awesome clock and chandelier fixture remains in the kitchen. One very unusual and unique thing about this Spartan is that the kitchen is on the end of the trailer instead of the middle giving it a very spacious and open feel. It must have been customized at the factory because we have NEVER seen a Spartan that did not have the kitchen in the center. It has beautiful new marble looking linoleum floor throughout. There are no soft spots or leaks anywhere. This has two bedrooms with all of the usual built-in drawers and closets. The bathroom is in great shape with large tiled shower and a newer hot water heater. All original light fixtures remain throughout. There is a small damaged area in living room ceiling from an OLD leak. (This can be replaced with plywood and veneer or a solid sheet of birch). There is also some discoloration under windows in master bedroom most likely from condensation. This trailer is as tight as a drum now. This trailer has three axles and needs six new tires to haul. The tire size is 205X75X15 and the wheels have 6 lugs. (This can be done locally and made ready for travel at an additional cost.) All jacks used to level trailer are included. There is a short in the circuit breaker and were told it just needs to be replaced. There is a gas furnace with ductwork in the floor and original floor vents but no A/C. (Could use a window, RV roof A/C, or through floor vents.). This is one of the best unrestored Spartan’s you will ever see!!!!! Any questions please call (407) 977-8678 or Cell (706) 313-6837
contact: (407) 977-8678 or Cell (706) 313-6837"
Date ad posted: 12/14/05
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