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For all listed sales please contact the seller directly. sales is a listing site and does not own or have specific knowledge of the trailers that you see for sale listed here. For the listing service please see the information which follows:

Listing service fee: $25 for a 6 month listing. Your ad will appear within 1 to 3 business days. Adds include 4 photos (additional photos $5 each) email photos, description, location and contact info to The more info you can provide the better your sale will go. Make payment through the paypal donation link below or contact is one of the largest listing sites for Spartan Trailer private sales outside of ebay and at a much lower selling cost. Adds on this site help support the cost of keeping online.


Please note that most completed sales links are from an earlier version of this site and some of the links may not work correctly. These sales have been archived as a source for comparative pricing. Dates for early sales do not exist but start as early as 2001. After 2004 some dates can be found.