1948 Mansion

about this trailer:

In World War II my father, was an artillery officer with the 38th Division in the South Pacific.  He entered civilian life in late 1945, and in 1947 the family lived in a suburb of Indianapolis.  By 1948, finding himself dissatisfied with an office job, and with years of Army seniority, he decided to reactivate his commission, hoping to finish to retirement in the Army.  We sold the house in mid-1948, and being assigned to the 101st Airborne Div. at Camp Breckenridge, outside of Morganfield Kentucky,  my parents bought a Spartan Mansion home to be placed in the trailer court area of the Camp.  Therein we lived, a family of four,  through the winter of 1948-49.  By the early summer of 1949 my father received orders to join the Army of Occupation in Japan.  By the time of the move, the Spartan Mansion had been sold to family members in Franklin, Indiana.  They occupied the trailer until the late 1950s; 

This photo shows our Spartan Mansion on the left (arrow) , and on the right was a slightly larger Spartan trailer occupied by another military family.

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