information copied verbatim from original model 25 Spartan Manor owners manual
You have purchased a housetrailer designed and engineered to give long service and comfortable living. The following suggestions for the care of the Spartan Manor are recommended by the manufacturer.
To Clean Windows: The side windows of the housetrailer are the sliding type. Any type of liquid cleaner which contains no abrasive may be used for cleaning these windows.
Plexiglas windows used in the Observation Lounge should not be wiped with a dry cloth; to avoid scratching, wash them with grit-free soft cloth,chamois, or sponge, using plenty of water. Soup, kerosene, or naptha may be used to remove grease and oil, but acetone, benezene and lacquer thinners will affect the surfaces. Automobile or furniture waxes may be applied.
Varnished Wood Surfaces: Varnish used in the Spartan Manor is the best type. It may be kept clean by occasional use of damp rag or mop.
Care of Leather & Leatherette Material: Original luster can be maintained by rubbing with a clean damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning fluids to leather or leatherette.
Cleaning of Aluminum: Wash surface with plenty of soap and water. If you desire a high, glossy finish on the aluminum surface, periodic polishing with a light abrasive cleaner, such as Min-Mum or Alum-I-Nu is recommended; these products are usually available at aircraft maintenance depots. In aluminum rolling mills, a blue oil spot will sometimes appear on a sheet of aluminum. This spot is harmless and may be removed by the use of "Bon Ami Cleaner". After surface is polished, wax may be applied to protect the luster. If your housetrailer is to be at the seaside for several weeks or longer, wash the roof with fresh water and apply a coat of wax. If your trailer remains at the seashore, repeat this two or three times a year. Use regular automobile or floor wax.
Window Screens: All window screens except the one at the rear window may be removed by removing 7 of the metal screws around the extreme outside perimeter of the screen frame.
Range, Refrigerator and Heating Stove: See attached manufacturer's instructions.
General Points to Check Before Towing:
  1. Check coupler and be sure it is fastened securely to ball on the automobile.
  2. Be sure and remove caster from jack assembly.
  3. Connect six-volt electrical hook up to automobile.
  4. Check operations of the self-adjusting electric brakes, stop lights and running lights. Most drivers use their trailercoach brakes for all stops, operating the automobile brakes just enough to turnon stop lights. Be sure traielrcoach braksare acting equally. Be sure all wheel lug bolts or nuts are in place and tight.
  5. Disconnect water intake, electric power intake, electric ground wire and drain hoses.
  6. All awnings and outside obstructions should be removed and stored.
  7. Check all loose articles on the inside of the housetrailer and store away safely.
  8. Remove all parking jacks and blocks.
  9. Close all ventilators, windows, and doors, and besure that disappearing steps are in closed position.
  10. Check tire pressure to 50 lbs. and tighten wheel well skirts.
Electrical System: Any trouble with the electrical system should be referred to your dealer as he has complete wiring diagrams on both the 110-volt and the 6-volt systems.
Ordering Parts: When in need of parts for your housetrailer, order them directly fromthe nearest authorized Spartan Manor Dealer.
Should you be unfortunate enough to have your Spartan Manor damaged through a collision, it may ordinarilly, in contrast to many housetrailer, be readily repaired. Your nearest Spartan dealer probably can arrange this with an authorized Spartan manor repair station ora local aircraft repair service.
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