Front plexiglass window replacement 2


Removing the old windows was a fairly easy task. The original windows were held in by a gasket sandwiched between the outer shell and an interior strip of extruded aluminum, which was screwed into the trailer frame. This photo shows the right front window removed and the aluminum cleaned to accept the new window. I used large sheets of heavy paper to create templates for the new windows to be cut from. The old window were used as patterns. Some adjustments were required in order to get an optimal fit. 3/16 inch Plexiglas was used for replacements at a cost of about $150. This included them being cut to my templates.

Instead of using a gasket for the window replacement I opted to use a newer product Dow Corning #795. This is an industrial grade glazing material.
  This close up shows the new window set in the sealant and shimmed with penny's. The excess sealant was cleaned off with mineral spirits.

The new Plexiglas is in place. It is amazing how fresh the new windows make the trailer appear. It is nice to be able to have a clean view from this great picture window and the best part is there are no more water leaks! After almost 3 years the windows seem to be doing great. The plexi is exposed to full sun and has not discolored and the seals are still tight.


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