information copied verbatim from original model 25 Spartan Manor owners manual
The problem of leaks in buildings and housetrailers is always with us. A house or housetrailer that is leakproof today may not, in some cases, be leakproof tomorrow. The Spartan Manor is designed and built to be leakproof when it leaves the factory, and to insure that it is leakproof, every trailer is tested under a water shower. Should any leaky places develop in the trailer, it is reworked and the trailer is tested again. It does not leave the factory until it has passed the test. It should remain free from leaks if properly maintained.
The owner should see that all seams, joints and windows are properly recaulked at least once each year, and that they are gone over thoroughly immediately after you accept delivery. The initial recaulking is extremely important because all trailers take a certain amount of "set" on the original delivery, and this precaution should prevent any damage due to leaks around ventilators, smokestacks, windows and joints.
The hinge at the top to the push-out window should be oiled occasionally. Use a little powdered graphite on your door lock tongue and catch, and once every month apply a small amount of oil on the entrance door hinge.
Jacks or blocks for stabilizing the trailer while parked should be placed immediately behind and ahead of spring hangers as well as the the extreme front.
We want you to enjoy your Spartan Manor Trailercoach, so please consult either us or your dealer if you wish advice on any changes to improve the comfort of you trailer home under particular climatic conditions.
Furthermore, the question of personal reaction to cold is important. Some people seldom, if ever, complain of the cold, even though they may be living in what to others would be a chilly atmosphere. Other people may complain of cold when someare complaining that it is too hot. If you find that your trailer is too cold for your personal comfort, you can readily alter the trailer so that it will be more comfortable for you. If your trailer floor is covered with a good carpet pad and carpet you will ordinarily not have any trouble with a cold floor, no matter how cold the outside weather may be.
Doors in houses and housetrailers are a problem incold weather, and may not be satisfactory unless a good weather stripping job is done on them. Your dealer can arrange for this.
The problem of summer condensation in trailerhouses revolves principally around the icebox. The walls of this box are naturally cool or cold. If the trailer is filledwith very warm, humid air, condensation may take place. the best remedy for this is to avoid any sealed or dead air spaces. All drawers, cabinets and rooms should have openings so that the air can circulate. The standard Spartan Manor Trailercoach isnot, according to information we have received from owners, unduly botherred by summer condensation. However, from two places in Florida where exceptionally hot, humid air was present for long periods last summer, reports have been received of condensation. We advised the cutting of louvres or openings to all dead air spaces to remedy this. So far we have not considered this necessary in our standard trailer, because in 95% of the area of the United States, itwould not be useful, and the cutting of such louvres or openings inour standard trailer might be objected to by people living outside of the extremely humid summer areas.
The use of a small portable electric fan is highly recommended for adding to trailer comfort. A good place to put the fan is on the floor under the bed in the bedroom. Have it pointing toward the kitchen and have the doors open between the bedroom and the living room while the fan is running. Some Spartan Manors have a solid plywood front to the bedstead with no louvres or one or two small louvres. The circulation of air will be greatly improved by enlarging these louvres to suit your particular climatic zone. Some Spartan Manors have large grillwork louvres or open bedsteads and raised divans, and these should require little or no change. Even if you decide not to use a small electric fan, it may be advisable in your climatic zone to improve the air circulation by opening up the space under the bed and divan to get more circulation.
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