information copied verbatim from original model 25 Spartan Manor owners manual
The Spartan Manor which you have purchased is equipped with a gravity-type floor furnace, for use with liquified petroleum gas. The furnace uses combustion air drawn from outside the trailercoach and all products of combustion are vented outside.
For efficient circulation of warm air, do not place any obstruction around the furnace.
  To Light Gas in Floor Furnace: (See illustration below)
  1. Remove aluminum grille (E).
  2. Remove peep-hole cover (A)
  3. Insert lighted match on one end of the ligher-rod (D) provided; lower the lighter rod into the round opening, placing flame slightly above end of burner (C).
  4. Turn gas on by turning valve (B).
  5. When burner ignites, remove lighter rod.
  6. Replace peep-hole cover. Caution: Be sure that cover is properly seated.
  7. Replace grille.
  1. If gas is not ignited immediately when lighter rod is in position, it indicates that air has accumulated in the line. In this event, keep lighted match at end of burner when valve is opened
  2. If match is extinguished while in lighting position, turn valve immediately to "OFF" position.
  3. Repeat instructions given for lighting gas in floor furnace until gas ignites. (It is possible that the air trapped inthe line will extinguish the lighted match.) NEVER OPEN VALVE UNLESS LIGHTED MATCH IS NEAR THE END OF BURNER.
  4. When valve is turned completely to the "ON" position, the flame on the burners may "float" slightly until the furnace warms up. The "floating" may be eliminated by allowing the burners to burn with a lower flame until the furnace becomes hot.
  5. For efficient operation, the valve should be adjusted so that the burners produce a blue flame at all times. A slight orange color may occur if dust particles are inthe air. This has no effect on the efficiency of the furnace.
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